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Wooden Kettle Pot Natural

Wooden Kettle Pot Natural

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Enhance the features of your minimalist home décor with these chic & natural wooden planters. The pot has a plastic lining making it waterproof. This Kettle pot has a unique shape with its narrow neck and is the perfect container to complement your indoor plants and artificial or preserved flower arrangements. Measuring 16cm wide and 18.5cm in height.

The pot has a smooth finish and is made from paulownia wood, making it lightweight and not heavy. Because it is a natural product, you can paint or stain the pot using wood paint. We also recommend using the Design Masters Colour Tools range. You cannot drill holes on the side of the pot to make it a hanging pot, but if desired, you can drill holes at the base of the pot to create drainage holes.

Potting instructions: If you wish to use a fresh plant in the pot, we recommend keeping it in its nursery pot and only using the wooden pot as a decorative cover. As the pot does have a plastic lining, you can water a fresh plant in the pot, but constant exposure to soil and water will damage the pot over time.

Please note: This is a natural product and the item you receive may differ from the website picture. The product may also slightly vary from piece to piece. Small variations of colour, shape, and cracks may be expected when receiving items. The size is an approximation only and the shape can often be irregular.

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